In current era, most of the people across the world prefer Toshiba USB drive as Toshiba is top rated manufacturing brand of USB drives, also Toshiba USB drives offers great features like reliability, high data access and processing rate, large storage memory, and more. But apart from these features, there is also a drawback that is, similar to other storage devices, you may also lose data from Toshiba USB drive. Data might get erased or go missing from Toshiba USB drive due to number of prospects. For example, while moving or processing data from Toshiba USB drive to your Windows or Mac computer, if you inappropriately disconnect USB drive, then there are likelihoods for data loss from it.

Usually, in this kind of circumstances, many people thinks that it is unfeasible to retrieve Toshiba USB drive data, but it is not the fact because, missing or erased data still resides in some memory space of Toshiba USB drive until it gets overwritten by other files. So, it is recommended to avoid using USB drive, or adding new files to it until you perform lost or deleted data recovery from Toshiba USB drive. Though, in order to carry out this data recovery process, you can make use of the best and highly rated app like Toshiba Recovery Software as it can surely recover Toshiba USB drive data within few moments. This amazing tool is free from virus, also a tech team of professionals available 24x7 to assist you regarding Toshiba USB drive recovery. It also consumes only few MB space of your system HDD, so it is the well advanced app compared to other available utilities for recovering Toshiba USB drive data. In addition, this tool can also recover files from Toshiba Portege laptop on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and all the versions of Windows Operating system.

Under what scenarios this software is useful?

  • Unintentional/Intentional format
  • Damaged Toshiba USB drive
  • Corrupt file system
  • Bad sectors on USB drive
  • Inadvertent deletion
  • Wrong cut and move command
  • Severe virus attack
  • Using unreliable app to compress USB files
  • Interruption during data transfer
  • Sudden shutdown of system while accessing Toshiba USB drive data
  • Mishandling i.e., interfacing USB drive to multiple storage systems

All these scenarios can be known or unknown events which leads to data loss or removal from Toshiba USB drive. But if you really want to get rid of these causes or know how to recover Toshiba USB drive data in an efficient manner, then utilize Toshiba Recovery Software. Particularly if need complete details on formatted Toshiba drive recovery, then log on to:

Toshiba Recovery is an incredible and most recommended utility by industry experts to perform Toshiba USB drive recovery. It effectively recovers various types of files such as pictures, program files, videos, documents, compressed files, music files, and more. It supports you in recovering Toshiba USB drive data on popular versions of Windows and Mac based systems. This proficient utility has safe, fast and simple process to restore data from USB drive in a short span of time. Using its wizard like interface both technical and non-technical users can recover data from Toshiba Pen drive within few clicks.

Other than Toshiba USB drive recovery, it also allow you to recover data from other brands of USB drives like Lexar, Sony, SanDisk, Adata, etc. It also supports data recovery from Toshiba SSD drive and other brands of SSD drives like Kingston, Seagate, Sony, Samsung, etc. Besides USB drives and SSD drives, it facilitates recovery of data from CF cards, iPods, memory stick, flash drives, etc. After the recovery process, it allow you preview retrieved Toshiba USB drive data before saving.

Steps to perform Toshiba USB drive recovery:

Step 1: Download Toshiba recovery software and then install it on your healthy computer. Then you will get a main screen that consists of three main options among which you need to select the option “Recover Drives”.

Toshiba USB Drive Recovery  - Home Page

Step 2: On the next screen select either “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option for recovering Toshiba USB drive data. Then choose the your Toshiba USB drive from where you lost the data and then click on “Next” arrow button.

Toshiba USB Drive Recovery - Select Mode of Recovery Screen

Step 3: Once the recovery is complete, you can "Preview" the recovered data, then save it on any desired location using "Save" option.

Toshiba USB Drive Recovery  - Save Screen

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users