“I bought Toshiba laptop in May 2011. I wan very happy with the laptop’s performance and speed but from last two months it has been running very slow. What can I do to speed it up?“

The best way to enhance your laptop speed is by performing regular defragmentation.

What is defragmentation?

With the usage of a computer system over a period of time, users save and delete a lot of information or software. This deletion or saving of files lead to fragmentation i.e. the data that is saved on the system is stored in several parts. This makes the drive header to move to various memory locations in order to access a file. In turn, programs load slowly and overall performance of your Toshiba laptop or any other system decreases. So, in order to enhance the performance, you need to defragment the hard drive.

Defragmentation process find and places all the parts of a particular file in continuous memory locations.

Benefits of performing Toshiba laptop defrag

  1. Programs will load faster
  2. Improved overall laptop performance
  3. Laptop takes less time to boot
  4. Also increases the chances of recovery in case of data loss (Fragmented data is less likely to get recovered)

Defrag Toshiba laptop using Remo MORE tool

Although every Windows Operating System has an inbuilt defragmentation tool but it lags some features. Therefore, Remo MORE tool should be utilized. This tool is extremely easy to use, even by a normal home user who does not have any kind of technical knowledge. It provides unique features like Auto Defrag (automatically defragment on a set event), Defragment Schedule (Run defragmentation on a regular basis; daily at a particular time, weekly, etc.) and General Settings which allow the user to show / hide log details and stop defragment process automatically when PC or laptop is running on battery.

The tool is absolutely free of cost and ca be downloaded from the links provided on this page. The user just has to install it on his / her Toshiba laptop and follow the on-screen instructions. The tool analyzes the selected drive and then defragment it. It provides two defragmentation modes – Quick Defragmentation and Deep Defragmentation. Quick Defragmentation allows the user to defrag particular type of data from the selected drive, whereas Deep Defragmentation will thoroughly perform Toshiba laptop defrag.

Other reasons that makes your laptop slow

  • Unwanted software installed on your system
  • Many programs that load on startup
  • Running multiple programs at the same time
  • Turning on visual effects
  • Not performing regular restart / using only sleep or hibernation mode when laptop not in use
  • Viruses and spyware effect
  • Enabling services that are not required

Steps for defragmenting a Toshiba laptop

Step 1 – Click on “Manage” from the main screen

Defrag Toshiba Laptop - Home Page

Step 2 – Then select “Drive Defrag” option to defrag Toshiba laptop

Defrag Toshiba Laptop - Select Drive Defrag

Step 3 – Select the drive that you wish to defrag and proceed by clicking “Analyze” button

Defrag Toshiba Laptop - Select Drive

Step 4 – Wait until the tool analyzes the selected drive

Defrag Toshiba Laptop - Analyzing

Step 5 – After completion, select the defragmentation mode as “Deep Defragmentation

Defrag Toshiba Laptop - Select Defragmentation mode

Step 6 – Now the tool will defragment the selected drive

Defrag Toshiba Laptop - Defragmenting

Step 7 – After the defragmentation is completed, again the drive will be analyzed

Defrag Toshiba Laptop - Analyzing after Defrag